Pan African Information Communication Technology Association

Promoting digital transformation and enhancing technology production
in Africa.

African Digital Equity Driver

PAICTA partners with socially conscious business in Africa to advance the
interests of ICT SMEs by influencing policy, facilitating and advocating for
inclusive skills development programmes.

African Solutions for African Problems

Contributing to forging an economic environment that supports
and develops women and youth in tech.


Endure a collective commitment to socio-economic development in the Africa Continent and to the broad aspirations embodied in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, African Agenda 2063 and the National Development Plan. Have a shared view that African men and women economic empowerment is necessary to transform and make the continent’s economy grow and create sustainable jobs.

  • Work with honesty, professionalism, integrity and transparency.
  • Act towards each other with dignity and respect.
  • Use the business voice to promote Africa Globally.
  • Embrace diversity and equal opportunity for everyone in the continent that has got Africanism inside them
  • Promote good governance, Human rights, ethical standards and protection of environment
  • Advocate the building of capacity, Competency, Digital skills and lifelong learning
  • Have a willingness to change, adapt and constantly seek better options for growth
  • We forge partnership and collaboration with relevant stakeholders

Our Vision

An integrated and inclusive digital society in Africa that improves the quality of life of Africa’s citizens through technological innovation and digital transformation.

Our Mission

“Champion for enabling environment for Africa digital innovation, IP commercialisation, digital transformation and economic emancipation.” A unified voice, advocating Africa’s socio-economic development and sustainability; Fostering their digital inclusion, collaboration and increased cooperation in the ICT digital eco-system through Africa digital transformation catalysing Africa as an innovation powerhouse of the future.

Our Mandate

PAICTA is an organisation whose purpose is to act as a transformative body in the interest of digital communities through meaningful and professional engagement with their respective governments, corporates, multinationals, public and private organisations as well as continental bodies.

Become A Member

Here are our requirements to become a member :

  • Members Should be 18 years or older
  • Members should be in the ICT sector

PAICTA Reserves right to verify your background Information JOIN NOW